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Awesomium Alloys

steampunkmadmaxNever a novice to armor, despite my gladiator instincts telling me to steer to the left I can’t help but get tingly (aether buildup, a leak?) when I look at some of this stuff.

In looking at the current offerings out there over the last 2 years, the void in design is about to be filled. More on that later.

I mean, comon… Who wouldn’t?

I spent years in and out of your typical medieval armors. A person who relies on this for survival eventually finds themselves refining design and in my case, slowly scaling “down” or using “less”.

This in my opinion is logical- proven by field test, the best answers being the other guy on the ground.

But there leaves a question of when the function doesn’t matter as much as the esthetic. I’ve had Valkyries, Tavern Wenches, Shadowspawn, and even un-named visits to my lodge at one time or another, each warranting different choice of word broken.

Theres something in a Airship that beckons further inspection lads.

Maybe the threat of over heating. Or being gathered up into some mechanized collective. Not the worst way to leave this world if your timing is right.

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