A Life in My Dreams...

Chasing my love, my queen (or princess) for hours around long corridors, up hundreds of stairs, and through rooms of gold, polished stone and all manner of frivolous whimsy in what I would assume, ancient Egypt. Hopping over a wall to cut off my prey I land in the street below. Dancing past, over and under people going about their daily routines, knowing almost all of them, their names, and even their loved ones.
Stopping along the way to help a worker carry his load on my own shoulder and carrying him the rest of the way, to receive a smile and pat on my cheek; telling him "Go home to your family Mah-hu, and tell them I say hello!" Being given a plum by kindly old Ipwet, taking two, kissing her forehead and catching up to Mah-hu, giving him one and dropping the other in his pocket "For Rai." (His daughter I was present for at birth and often show up while on my walks at night to tell her the name of yet another set of stars when she wont go to sleep)
Realizing I've lost track of my quarry, I turn around to see her waiting at the top of another set of those damn long, and high stairs leading up to a palace. Leaving the market reluctantly (Its smells, sounds, and color, each an old familiar friend that can quickly tell me another story of years spent getting to know and cherish them) I take to the chase again, happily, laughing, knowing I'll catch up- its part of the joy, this game.
Reaching the top of the stairs, I'm stopped by a guard Captain, who proceeds to tell me it's beneath me to act this way, only to have me pop the remaining portion of plum in his mouth and slap him on the rump as I mockingly salute him... "Off to my own glory this night old man." Seeing a startled Ki-ah stopping, then standing in the hall with a doe like surprise in her eyes, I know all I need do is silently open my hands in a questioning gesture, to get a subtle smile and eyes that give away the direction I need to go.
The smile is returned and and a wink of gratitude tells her its always nice to know you are appreciated. Rounding a corner I slide over a window sill and land on a pile of soft pillow only to be taken upon by her. "Yes, you won. I concede my love." (The rest belongs to me.) Such is the depth of my dreams. I've lived lifetimes when I sleep. Kings, Warriors, Simple men, and even animal, all I have been and seen through my eyes. Often, I wonder if they are memories of the past, an alternate present, or a future yet to be relived. I don't mind not knowing the answer, I care only that somehow, the universe has given me a gift that I can love in so many ways and hope it has some meaning. I wish these things for all of you, always. I'm just me, nobody special. Love you babe.
Robin Williams: Make Your Life Spectacular.
Just A Quick Test. Weathered Effects.


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Tuesday, 23 July 2024


15 January 2024
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07 April 2023
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14 March 2023
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This is a personal letter, and I can't guarantee that there will be anything after this. It's only here to be saved for the future and so that I'm sure they can read it.   Diane Talon and Mali: “Forgive Me”   Forgive me, please, forgive me....
11 March 2023
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Babe, Do you remember this? Do you remember making it? I remember that day clearly, because it always meant something to me. When we talked about making a door chime for our store, and the thing about the four bells I remember joking and saying: “The...
14 February 2023
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Happy Valentine's Day babe. This has been a strange year, and yet things have been going good, I wanted to get you something to make up for your birthday and Christmas for you too, but as you know having to walk away from the company I put so much ti...
15 June 2022
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13 May 2022
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These things can hold true for anyone in your life- a partner, a friend, a brother. Measure your words and your actions each time you pass each other because you cannot get time back and what you choose to do with it and for it, may be your joy or la...
25 June 2020
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Our passions are derived from what we are most comfortable with. Things we can count on, the things we know.   We adventure within ourselves and the things we choose to share are wrought from that comfort, the things we have grown to love and ev...
16 January 2020
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My dreams lead me to many places, and at many times. Old soul, perhaps. Blood Empathy? I'm sure of it, in some way. I cant explain the vivid detail, nor the exhaustion upon waking up. Bruised at times, sore, and tired. Every step I take and day that ...
26 March 2019
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14 February 2019
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Remember the reasons you do what you do guys. It all comes back to you. I hope everyone out there can take the time to do little things, and big things when you can, just not on a special day, but every day. They re worth it. I planned on being ...
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