A Long Road, and Finally, Almost 10 Years In The Making...

Its been over a decade since I set this to mind, then drawing, then periodic updates to keep it on my bench- out of sight but never forgotten. Much has happened during this time, and it can be sometimes painfully obvious for anyone reading my journals over the years. More pictures below.
di pendant 03
I am finally able to finish this, it's been close to my heart for so long and the wind that whispers to me across still water tells me it's time.
Custom "Evenstar" inspired model for Di and Talon. Theres a personal story behind the 3 gems (higher quality garnets, I searched for over 2 years for the right color and cuts) I am building into the cast piece, which will be in ancient bronze.
An excerpt from a longer part of our book:
"Not gold, because gold is men's curse, they are willing to trade it for the things most dear. Not diamonds, because they hold a light that's colorless, without measure or meaning. Not made by such a man with no thought to whom it may bear- but by my own hand with our love bound to it's forging every step of the way."
"Two stars, Father and Son watch over and protect the Mother, the thing both of them hold most dear. Her light returns her love to remind them both they sit in the same sky, always."
"The stone pedestal is also cast, with a hidden compartment in it's back that holds the bronze piece and a letter to her and him, while on display, the blue ice cast facsimile to set the stone aglow. Set into the stone at it's base, the wolf print, aged and yet still clear- a testament to time, warning even the ages that it's protector is ever present."
"And finally, cradled in a glass and oak dome, to remind them the strongest branch can often have set upon it the most fragile of meaning, bending, swaying and bowing to the winds that would have its way yet never to yield its charge."
Its part of a larger saga for our family.
"Dawn breaks with knowing for the first time in my life, the possibility of never- the small hope that I have wanes with each day, how long before that is even enough to sway gentle breeze to touch brow and lift down cast eye".
"Shoulders tremble because the weight they bear that at one time seemed effortless now calls to see knee bent and palm to ground. Song in heart seems distant and wave breaks on a shore I'm bound to rest."
"One day I hope to hear it call my name and bring me home once again. Until then, I set to its water my small light carrying heart as beacon so that she knows the way. I can do nothing more and hope that in time the ground on which I lay etches memory of my presence once carried and reads: "I was always here and never left.""
3 pendants and one pedestal will be made and once done, the molds destroyed, these are personal. Still refining the stonework, and aging the features.
wprint di pendant
 Old model, rough draft to show stones.
wprint di pendant
Ice Blue Facsimile
wprint di pendant
Fresh paw print, and light stone texture prior to aging.
I love you both very much,
A Walk Among The Gods.
Talon's Day
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