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Let me tell you something about the Gods, Ragnarok, and what it means to the lives of men. Over time the Gods contrive stories to meet an end thats not always in the favor of men. One thing you can be sure of though, is truth greets you each morning and can be the thing that carries your dreams through the night. Our sagas are ongoing. Men have only lost their way, and stopped teaching through them. This might explain the sense of hopelessness in the world now. I've often pondered why these stories are told, and what they are meant for. They are meant to teach, to give hope. We need more of that, especially now.

"Sometimes, men are given a glimpse of something more. I think its really the love, and inspiration the stars can give us that allows us to really, really see."

"So walk with me and I'll tell you a story."

Fenrir as told in this is misunderstood as the bearer of slaughter in Ragnarok. Instead, the Gods carry the lie to set men upon themselves, when really Fenrir is the embodiment of hope, dreams, and love. His bound sacrifice and rage felt by men through the ages isn't known until Ragnarok when he can finally break the chains set upon him by Gods and men. His story is meant to teach that hope and love can carry you through darkness and storm.

Fenrir, the Wolf And His Star.

On the day of Ragnarok

One morning, when the mist fails to clear, the wolf breaks his chains and as he passes, he tells the sun to stay away.

"Do not let me see you today, or I will eat you too."

Down the mountain he looks over all the warriors come to fight this day. Some of them seek to avoid the coming day by being first, thinking the Gods sent them to save the world-that they would be the one, the one who would send the wolf to Hel's feet.

They dont know. It's thier own vanity that blinds them to the real reason they are first and why the Gods stand last. They fight amongst themselves for lesser things. Gold, Land. Women.

One man steps forward and shouts: "Fenrir Wolf! "Come to meet us so we may remind you why it was us who were chosen by the Gods."

The wolf is the first to engage, and the first of the men fall. Turning to look around him he says to the remaining warriors:

"Look up there, all of you. You see the Gods? Why are they not among you?" "I'll tell you so some of you may see, finally." "The Gods are nothing without you." "They knew this day would come and they fear it, even more than you."

"Go home. I will be here before you, after you, and after them."

"The fates are fixed. It is how things are to be."

Some among them look to each other for answers. Others show renewed resolve. Few lay down their shields and turn away.

The wolf shakes his head, and thinks to himself.

"Men. If they are good at anything, its the spirit to fight for something they believe in, just as I." "The shame they hide is Men betray each other when it suits them. When the last ten have fallen one may see."

"Fenrir! Dont you know the Gods foretold this day?" "Its what we are all here for, and we will all be telling tales of your defeat this night, and make bed on the skin of your brother Jormungand to greet the morning!"

"We shall see."

This sword is the first of their lies that must go. He opens his mouth and it falls to the earth. For the moment, all goes silent.

"For years you mocked me, and thought my howls were pain and the foam that of rage. Expectation I set before you, not to bring you to this day, but to remind you only this days coming, and the truth of it be told. Finally." One last time, go home- the Gods still grow older, for now. ...and you, will not."

An auburn haired warrior rushes forward, picks up the sword, slips and falls to the ground and impales himself on it. Fenrir steps forward and crushes his skull under paw, then rends his body in half to lay at the feet of men.

"All those years, the river of my tears and rage you called "Expectation". They were. Mine, not yours. Now come to me one by one or all, its no matter."

As the mist rose, a single, upright form could be seen on the battlefield. The wolf was sitting among those fallen, calm. His fur moving in the wind like ashen trail rising from the forge. His eyes fixed on those watching.

Fenrir speaks to them. "It's time. I hope at the end of this day you find yourselves reborn in better company among men, only this time, part of them instead of pitting them against each other and holding yourselves above them."

Chaos. One by one, in pairs and number they fell until only two remain. Odin raised his hand to stay the wolf.

"I, All Father say to you Fenrir even you are bound to what has been foretold, even after I am gone." "See it through noble one, so if we may all be lucky, we get it right this next time around. For all of your pain and sorrows, I am truly sorry, and blame no one but ourselves. I wish upon you, for what it may be worth, to finally have your place and that which you have lost."

"Odin, your words bring comfort for a change." "Why? Because for the first time, after so long you arent speaking through the words of men." "I have only hope, and now I can see you understand. While you sleep, dream of this day and those that lead up to it." "Awaken anew with these things in mind. I will see you then, and perhaps, on greener grass and under a warm sun."

Slowly, the wolf made his way up the mountain, to finally lay down and looked up. The sun had kept its word and now lay low behind the horizon, just barely peering above it to offer these words:

"I know you are tired wolf, and no one deserves rest more than you, but I ask this. Behind me is the night and it bears a gift. With my last ray cast upon you I want you to feel hope once again, and with its warmth know that all you have been through was not for naught. Will you remember me then?"


As the light faded, the sky grew dark. The wolf closed his eyes for a moment and through matted fur he looked up again to see a single spot of light in the distance- growing brighter and moving towards him. Had it been so long? He bowed his head as if he thought this was still a dream, a dream like so many times before he thought, only this time it was taken by a gentle breeze not afforded him before. On it was carried something familiar, as if part of him and his hope were calling to him from afar. He stood up, and this time found words he never thought he'd ever be able to say, rehearsed and recited so many times with hope. That was so long ago.

He called out to the star: "Are you there for me?" "Ive been waiting so long." "I never left this mountain and looked out over the ocean into the sky each night and called out to you." "The Gods could not take away my hope, Men could not take away my hope, and even the chains both bound me with could not break my spirit."

"Are you really there?"

"Yes wolf, I am here. The Gods and the World of men grew so big, and in its vastness came storms that clouded sky, so even the Sun had to hide." "I know you have always been there, and knowing that is what lead me back through darkness to where you are." "The skies are clear, and the storms have finally passed." "Love saw you through, saw me through. We can only hope that on the morrow when the Gods and men are reborn they understand what love is, and what it can do. I wont ever have to leave again." "Maybe now the truth can really, really be told."

For the first time in a God's lifespan, he could close his eyes and know tomorrow, when it comes it holds something for him. He Sleeps.

"Maybe tomorrow, I will tell you what the new day brings. But that wouldn't be much fun if I spoiled the surprise, would it?"

To my star and our son, the wind that carries us both, I love you.

A Little Love, A Little Wolf...
Each Night, A Star Reminds Me.


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