Almost There Folks, 2015

wehavefireI know this won't mean much on the surface, but Historic Origins, as a website has gone through quite a few incarnations over the years. It's been a reflection of my ever changing tastes and desires, but ever since I started in business in the early 90's I've wanted to somehow create the perfect easel.

Web design, coding, digital graphic arts, meh. I learned because I had to, and have found some enjoyment in it over the years. The problem has always been, what I call "pixel OCD". Diane, my sons, and anyone close to me knows if I'm up at 4 am pecking away at the keyboard it's usually a damn pixels fault. It's how I roll. Given the complexity of the new direction I'm adventuring in with Historic Origins, (namely the bronzework) I have to at times settle for functional, or at least set aside that pixel sickness thing untill the ball gets rolling and you folk out there can start enjoying the physical fruits of my passion.

So be it. You'll see changes on the website from time to time but it's "almost" there.

Geology: Schmexy Because I Said So.
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