Closer to The Heart...

 "Every year for decades, around this time of year I quietly look back on life's meanderings. This year is especially reflective, it's getting harder to see coal to forge and the hand fails to strike word without trembling reminder the sands of time were not part of the immortal bargain." "...For that I am sorry." "The blacksmith and the artist,Reflect it in their art,They forge their creativityCloser to the heart."     "So many things I would tell you, so many things I cannot; one day the forge fireswill fade, hand no longer to brush- touch the things I have made and remembermy voice, know where my heart came and where it stayed. My peasant hands broughtfrom me the words I cannot always say in what you see, and my touch in what you hold."                                                                                                           ~Mahal 2017      

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Talon's Day

Happy Birthday to my little man Talon. Youre getting so big.  "Your (middle) proper name, Hunter, means you are in good company; Ullr, Skadi. Your mother, unbeknownst to memory carries Diana, bound to the sea and father guardian, Fenir." "There is always a path taken without forethought as the hunter relies on his instincts and blood-memory to see his arrow home. Rely on these my son and no forest, earth, or water can tire you, no burden too heavy to bear. You will find Ullestad when heart call. This I promise you." "Cast an arrow across the chasm and find your broken wolf father still chained to his rock. Listen to the howls of his rage at the bond of Gleipnir and the sorrows felt because of fate given task. He sees your mother in the night sky and laments it holding her as distant star, hoping for Ragnarok and the circle reborn, the...

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Why I Do What I Do...

Future historians will surely grow bored after recounting the last 50 years I'm sure. It will be pock marked with the regression our species decided to embark upon. Seek to change that. Teach your children of past artists, thinkers, and dreamers and inspire them through your own passions. Learn Latin today. Peruse Egyptian, Celtic, and Native American art, and lose your breath at the wonder and accomplishments of Greek, Roman and Italian architecture. Find solace in contemplating other views by immersing yourself in Bedouin Folk music, Middle Eastern percussion, Jazz, Mongolian Throat Singing, Irish Flute and Joe Satriani. Remember that your future library can either be enjoyed by candlelight on a winter's eve, and your collections provoke closed eyes and spatial travel to far away times and places in the minds of little ones not yet able to see past the current state of our being, or, lost to antiquity because outdated...

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Coming Soon: "Njordwood Alchemy™"

It's funny where some of my inspiration comes from, and even more so where I "work things out" in that place I use my "mind's toolshop". See, I have a glorious view of the river and ridge edge here, its reminiscent of a outlet you might see in Norway, Scotland, or Ireland... From the bathroom. For decades now, I've made my way doing things I love yet one elusive corner always has been presentation. I've done jewelry, leather, accessories, furniture, name it- yet it's always been the presentation that I can't ever seem to be completely satisfied with. Given the recent couple of years and my bringing my bronzework to life I found myself set upon by that old beast. I have vision that can (and has) made the Gods cry and sometimes the material world just can't divert enough to encapsulate and manifest this magic. I've been doing alot of advanced and...

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Just a Little Hint...

Well, new equipment has been tuned and working just fine. Heres a "little" view into some of the things going on. Below, is a partial finish, I still have the wood texture and aging to add, but it's there. Packaging for Historic Origins offerings is going to be, I'm hoping, collectible as much as the artifacts I make. I'm pulling all stops and doing things the way I want- over the top. And of course theres Lego mods I'm doing (Yes, can you say Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Legos?), Dremel mount(s) for a friend's pantograph project, and even some guilty pleasure stuff for myself in between. I wish I could show you the jewelry prototypes but those aren't public until I have them finished. I'm picky as hell about first impressions, and that will of course always be the star attraction to my little sideshow.  Below is a box skeleton. Panels and...

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A Life in My Dreams...

 Chasing my love, my queen (or princess) for hours around long corridors, up hundreds of stairs, and through rooms of gold, polished stone and all manner of frivolous whimsy in what I would assume, ancient Egypt. Hopping over a wall to cut off my prey I land in the street below. Dancing past, over and under people going about their daily routines, knowing almost all of them, their names, and even their loved ones. Stopping along the way to help a worker carry his load on my own shoulder and carrying him the rest of the way, to receive a smile and pat on my cheek; telling him "Go home to your family Mah-hu, and tell them I say hello!" Being given a plum by kindly old Ipwet, taking two, kissing her forehead and catching up to Mah-hu, giving him one and dropping the other in his pocket "For Rai." (His daughter...

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First Fires: Furnace Burn In and Test Ingots.

Just an update, I finally managed to get the initial burn in for the small furnace done. And, me being me decided to make a quick video about it. You have to understand, for me this is a milestone of sorts. I've been getting ready for this for a very long time now. This stage means I'm ready to go. I haven't been blessed with armies of minions to cover the slack so at times it's been slow, but sure. I don't think I'd have it any other way because one of my personal quirks is knowing about a whole process- of which having too many people around can mean details I want or need can be overlooked. In the end, I can also say "I did it." Anyways, enjoy the little movie, and know I'm doing a very, very happy dance.   

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Just A Quick Test. Weathered Effects.

I got bored (well, needed to sideline myself for just a bit) and decided to test the ability for me to reproduce weathered effects both in the 3D software, and also with patina effect. Not too bad, I like it. The stone is a slightly larger version of one of the earlier tests I did, being about 3.25". I'm probably going to produce some real nice(er) desktop versions of my own patterning in bronze, this was a archeological 3D scan I worked with- I like it, but want to do my own 'thang. I think you'll be interested.  

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3D Printing. Took the Plunge.

It was inevitable. Last year, I began a serious delve into kicking my design skills on the computer up a few more notches. I mean, I've spent years (decades really now) working with digital art, and all this time it's primarily been for the crazy idea that eventually, I'll be able to do things more efficiently in the studio. I've got about 300 hours of direct applied time in class (3D) and I noticed how the previous skillsets made this come together more fluidly. It's worked most of the time, and if anything I've been taught a bit more patience. Well, alot. See, my craft involves dedication, plain and simple. Having a quirk that has me constantly applying overboard personal critique leads to many projects you haven't seen. I had to stop doing that because in the long run I beat myself up before and by the time I was finished, I...

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A Quick Set of Crucible Tongs (Lifter)

Needed to make a pair for an A6, so a few feet of 1/8" X 1" flat stock, scrap 1" 3/4 and some 2 1/4", with some black 1/2" pipe I was able to weld up these in a few hours. Most of the time was spent measuring and determining the width and placements of the rounded side fingers.They are held together with a 5/16" bolt and some washers for spacer between the sides. I purposely left this a bit loose to allow some play since without any, the units fit very snug to the crucible and you do want to allow for expansion.All I have left to do is add a chain and hook about 3/4" up the handles so it can be locked while lifting but easily taken off to release the crucible, and a couple larger washers added/welded on top of the handles to prevent your hands sliding...

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Guys: Just a Word Of Advice. Be Worthy of Her.

Time and time again I see sad women, and pathetic men. Welcome to my ludus. You were made for loving her. Prove it, in all things- of worth. "Your tears! Your blood! Your pathetic lives forged into something of worth. Listen! Learn! And, perhaps, live - As Gladiators! Now Attend your master." "A Gladiator does *not* fear death. He embraces it. Caresses it. *Fucks* it. Each time he enters the arena, he slips his cock in the mouth of the beast, and prays to thrust home be fore the jaws snap shut." Have purpose.    "Fight with honor, and if the gods will it, die the same."    

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The Story, You, and Blood Empathy.

Blood Empathy. A term I used many years ago when describing the connection to those who came before us when re-telling or even thinking to oneself their stories. It can be a passion, sadness or distaste that wells up from within; Sometimes subtle and other times it can overwhelm oneself. It's not the same as having a kind heart and being moved by a tale of kindness, or shedding a tear born of seen or spoken sadness, nor the wave of your heart at the rhythmic motions created by music that seems to be keyed in to your spirit. This is why oral tradition and blood stories are important. Your ancestors will speak to you if you listen.  Think for a moment, if perhaps one could perceive the range of emotions someone felt during the course of their lives, and truly feel, or be there as if you were experiencing what they did, what would...

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Why You Have to Do It For Yourself.

 I was catching up on Julian Lennon's stuff, and came across a video he posted from David Bowie. It fits the sentiment lately, perfectly. I know quite a few artists that toil endlessly at what appears to me to be satisfying the crowds. In doing so, you lose focus and even passion over time. Seriously, ask yourself why you do it in the first place. Your best work comes from doing it for yourself first.    

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Robin Williams: Make Your Life Spectacular.

Seeing this earlier today, warranted me having to just say something about it. He's right in so many ways. I associate with Robin very easily, and over the years many of his observations, trials, and life scenarios identify with me because I've walked similar paths. Some of the best wisdom is taken from personal experiences and an afterthought for most people. It's easy to be "public", we see it all the time and there are folk out there who need to be in some sort of spotlight or the apparent "Ringmaster" of some contrived circus. It's the crowd that you will live or die by as they say on the stage. Maybe it's something that was missing in childhood, a traumatic social experience, or just an inner loneliness. Who knows.  I have a bit of advice that has worked well for me. See, I've lived a pretty charmed and exciting life at times, others, meh. All...

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Ceramic Shell "Flip" Pours with Bronze

Always looking for ways to look backwards, yet innovate. I present to you a "not tutorial", rather an insight into thinking outside the box, or crucible in this case.  ~Fen Artopsy writes: This is a hollow silicon bronze casting I did using the 'flip' technique with ceramic shell moulds. I thought I'd give you a brief run down of how this was made. This isn't a tutorial as I couldnt handle the guilt/responsibility if any of you tried to replicate what I did and your work just fell short of the stellar standards I am able to achieve! Remember.....NOT A TUTORIAL!  Right, before I start let me just say this was supposed to be a short explanation on how I go about ‘flip-casting’ small hollow silicon bronzes using ceramic shell materials. This ‘none tutorial’ has basically gotten out of hand and I can only apologize for how long it has turned out. There are no excuses,...

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First Waxes, 2016

  It doesn't sound like much, but the first waxes coming out of a new setup are a mark of progress. Add that with a visit by a minion of a snake cult and some good music. Not that I'm relaxing, but I am breathing a bit better because this whole result today marked the working completion of a whole chain of new, untested equipment, new methods until now worked out on paper only, and some serious sack sweat. Let the molding and production onsalught begin. After I have coffee.

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Answering the Question: How Places Like Stonehenge Were Built...

I've always been fascinated by construction methods used for Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids, and others. I think this guy is on to something, and even if hes not right what hes doing can be applied to projects we do today. I may get my Fenir-esque Easter Island Effigy for my yard yet. Using what he believes are the original methods, retired carpenter W.T. Wallington has recreated his own version of the ancient megalith. According to Wallington, “over the years, many times I had to improvise on tools that were not at hand in order to get the job done,” he writes. “At one of these times, about 20 years ago, I had to remove some 1,200-pound, saw-cut concrete blocks from an existing floor.    The problem was that we did not have a machine that could reach some of the blocks. The only obvious answer was to break the blocks into smaller pieces...

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Almost Finished With "The List". Mostly. Yeah.

 The end of the "list" is finally in sight. Taking advantage of a yearly awaited sale from a couple manufacturers to get the rest of the big ticket items on the foundry list. (Compressors, Vibratory Tumblers, a Pyramid Sized Pallet of IFB, Industrial Oven, etc) I also get a tour of a facility near Philadelphia and some lazy real-estate scouting in the mix. Now theres this annoying "little list" of the stuff you don't think about if its your first time around the block, like re-stocking buffing compounds, making measured ingot molds, extra plinths, and more clay to name a few. Fortunately I've always had the majority of whats been needed for this upgrade as the general things you'd find in most casting shops are pretty much the same. Alot of what I'm doing is the same but also new method and calculated experimentation needs some off the wall items at times too....

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Evidence of Viking Outpost Found in Canada

Sharpeners may be smoking guns in quest for New World's second Viking site. The sad story behind the scenes though- Pat is still fighting the Canadian Government to correct the blatant mistakes made in handling this information.  ~Fen For the past 50 years—since the discovery of a thousand-year-old Viking way station in Newfoundland—archaeologists and amateur historians have combed North America's east coast searching for traces of Viking visitors.It has been a long, fruitless quest, littered with bizarre claims and embarrassing failures. But at a conference in Canada earlier this month, archaeologist Patricia Sutherland announced new evidence that points strongly to the discovery of the second Viking outpost ever discovered in the Americas.While digging in the ruins of a centuries-old building on Baffin Island (map), far above the Arctic Circle, a team led by Sutherland, adjunct professor of archaeology at Memorial University in Newfoundland and a research fellow at the University of Aberdeen in...

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Loving The Creative. A Pocket Edition.

It has been proven that highly creative people’s brains work quite differently than other brains. That special brain wiring that can create such wonderful art, music, and writing can often lead to strain in a relationship, because of those differences. If you’ve ever loved a highly creative person, you know that it can seem like they live in their own little word at times, and that thought isn’t far from the truth. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are in love with a highly creative person: 1. Their Minds Don’t Slow Down The highly creative mind is one that is running at full speed all the time. Although it can be a source of crazy, spontaneous fun – it can also be a burden. Highly creative people rarely keep normal sleep cycles, and are often prone to bouncing from one task to another throughout the day. It...

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07 April 2023
Writings on The Wall
No matter how painful it is writing this, I have to. There are a lot of words and it is no small thing to read, so whoever does, thank you. I am exposing myself at my most vulnerable and doing my best to try to put everything into the right words and...
14 March 2023
Writings on The Wall
This is a personal letter, and I can't guarantee that there will be anything after this. It's only here to be saved for the future and so that I'm sure they can read it.   Diane Talon and Mali: “Forgive Me”   Forgive me, please, forgive me....
11 March 2023
Writings on The Wall
Babe, Do you remember this? Do you remember making it? I remember that day clearly, because it always meant something to me. When we talked about making a door chime for our store, and the thing about the four bells I remember joking and saying: “The...
14 February 2023
Writings on The Wall
Happy Valentine's Day babe. This has been a strange year, and yet things have been going good, I wanted to get you something to make up for your birthday and Christmas for you too, but as you know having to walk away from the company I put so much ti...
15 June 2022
Writings on The Wall
"The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of men who wanted to be left alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forc...
13 May 2022
Writings on The Wall
These things can hold true for anyone in your life- a partner, a friend, a brother. Measure your words and your actions each time you pass each other because you cannot get time back and what you choose to do with it and for it, may be your joy or la...
25 June 2020
Writings on The Wall
Our passions are derived from what we are most comfortable with. Things we can count on, the things we know.   We adventure within ourselves and the things we choose to share are wrought from that comfort, the things we have grown to love and ev...
16 January 2020
Writings on The Wall
My dreams lead me to many places, and at many times. Old soul, perhaps. Blood Empathy? I'm sure of it, in some way. I cant explain the vivid detail, nor the exhaustion upon waking up. Bruised at times, sore, and tired. Every step I take and day that ...
26 March 2019
Writings on The Wall
I talk with many people about a wide variety of subjects. I'm a talker. Yeah.   One thing we have too little of these days is the "fireside converstion". At the end of the day whether it be at a community meal or even a simple wind-down with one...
14 February 2019
Writings on The Wall
Remember the reasons you do what you do guys. It all comes back to you. I hope everyone out there can take the time to do little things, and big things when you can, just not on a special day, but every day. They re worth it. I planned on being ...
12 February 2019
Writings on The Wall
So, Diane's been exploring some creative energy and me, being me always tries to come up with something I can let her wake up to.   I wont get into the creation and machining of the final tools, everyone knows I can already do that, and these ar...
31 January 2019
Writings on The Wall
Let me tell you something about the Gods, Ragnarok, and what it means to the lives of men. Over time the Gods contrive stories to meet an end thats not always in the favor of men. One thing you can be sure of though, is truth greets you each morning ...
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