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Boxgroup01smIt's funny where some of my inspiration comes from, and even more so where I "work things out" in that place I use my "mind's toolshop". See, I have a glorious view of the river and ridge edge here, its reminiscent of a outlet you might see in Norway, Scotland, or Ireland... From the bathroom.
For decades now, I've made my way doing things I love yet one elusive corner always has been presentation. I've done jewelry, leather, accessories, furniture, name it- yet it's always been the presentation that I can't ever seem to be completely satisfied with. Given the recent couple of years and my bringing my bronzework to life I found myself set upon by that old beast. I have vision that can (and has) made the Gods cry and sometimes the material world just can't divert enough to encapsulate and manifest this magic.
I've been doing alot of advanced and groundbreaking research in prototyping, making new variations to modern equipment because Ive been waiting a very long time for some of this tech to come to fruition. Then, one morning, while having my morning "read" and looking out the window I asked myself what can I make for myself that I'd want to put treasure (laughs) in... (Whispers "My Precious!")
Dammit Jim, I can't suffer bubble packaging, ziplock baggies or shitty imported cotton blends. If I was a old soul. I'd sit down and carve up a damn box and adorn it with images that I find pleasing, and maybe even tell a story.
Yeah. I can do that.
Well, we see where that went. I LIKE making things such as this, so I'm not going to limit it to just packaging for my bronze, silver and gold pieces. I have a desk full of drawings for whats coming in this facet too. Groundwork (as you see) had to be laid. I chose a couple designs and in the image here you can see the progression. I'm happy now, I feel I can finally offer something I can be proud of. Glad to have those listening along for the journey.
I'm always open to suggestion, although by design you know I may, or may not always listen. (laughs) Let me know what you think, and soon, I'll have more information up and yes, these and more for sale. 
A Quick Set of Crucible Tongs (Lifter)
First Waxes, 2016


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Saturday, 18 May 2024


15 January 2024
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11 March 2023
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16 January 2020
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