Credit, Where Credit Is Due...

Most of the design and artwork on the Historic Origins site itself, I do. I use images and media at times that are "out on the net", usually after modification of sorts to suit my tastes. Some are just "placeholders" to facilitate the production and working of underlying code/systems so I can get on to the bigger picture. Due to the squirley nature of the internet itself, and people's tendency to take negative offense at anything, monetize everything, or just plain piss on a tree when it suits them, this informational page has been created to explain, and give credit to the ones who feel it nessecary to have it.
If for some reason theres an image you question (as the owner), simply contacting me on the site here can clear things up. I do my best to never step on anyone's toes and no harmful intent is present in my use of any media. In the event that there is something you wish removed, it is your responsibility to handle burden of proof because I do try to maintain sources from generally posted sites and if I encounder trademark, copyright, or no-use convention, I honor the artist's wishes. Simply contacting me can clear practically anything up. So, without delay, below are credits where an issue has manifest.
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What Is Steampunk?
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