Demons, We All Have Them

Demons. We all have them at one time or another. They can define us, or drive us. They can take the form of something as simple as a vice, habit or behavior and on a grander scale, as the stories go a physical entity. Those who choose to limit themselves by making the determination that in extreme cases these can be a sign of imagination, stress or even mental health issues have never been able to fully prove that they don't exist, but without physical proof still prefer to stay on the side of "some other reason". This is never true for those experiencing them.
For me, life has presented me with very few situations I could attribute to the appearance, disappearance, or subtle influence of such a thing.
But when they have, no literary description can (in my eye) fully describe the intensity of emotion and it's physical manifestation. I'm a passionate individual and claim empathy to the point of extreme connective exposure- and not by choice. There are indeed times I wish I was just, ignorant. Oblivious.
Not so lucky.
Back in 2011, I faced a trial in my life that few know about. It put my collective being to the test and I barely made it through it. It changed views I had previously thought I had worked out in my mind, and still gives me nightmares. Eventually, I'll have to confront this and the only way I know how is to strike at the heart of it, passing in shadow when it's unaware and simply, cut it's throat. 4 years now it's haunted my dreams and been a constant reminder that even the most sacred of things can be defiled and nothing is ever really safe, until now. At least I have a name for it, and it's power lies within it's name. Find that, and you can destroy it.
I will. It won't know I was coming.
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