Game of Thrones In Real Life.

joffreygot01I frequent alot of various places on the internet. The collective. The HIVE. Today, like just about any other day I was doing my "social network newspaper" thing and came across a situation that well, happens alot.
I can probably be vague but this time, no. Not alot anyways.
One of my newer (like a decade newer, remember time doesnt hold the same meaning for me as some of you) pet genre's I follow for inspiration and creative outlets, "Steampunk" has this thing that happens from time to time and to the casual observer you'd just write it off as typical high-school politics. Same people, same implied offenses, and the same societal mud slinging and calls-to-rally. I was the one years ago who made the mistake of thinking for a minute that any group could be bereft of such pettiness. (sigh)
I've since become accustomed to just smelling the sandbox and if theres a urine odor, keep walking, most of the time. Lately it's been more difficult because well, the people who usually get over run by these playground bullies are good folk, and the only real offense they may be guilty of is honesty- honesty is the painful arrow to a fragile armor made with self esteem. It's mind boggling (for a moment) that people's self image can be so, ah, fragile.
It's evident (Warning: stop reading here if you can't handle observation) more in people that hawk themselves as a commodity. Artists, Models, Public Speakers, etc. At a young age, if you were lucky to have good parents or a mentor of some kind you were probably taught that not everyone will agree with you, like you, or even acknowledge you; and that's ok. No, really, ok. This also applies to what you do. You'd expect then that the "self sellers" would seriously have this one locked down. Truth is, most of the time it's the opposite and its sad. Pathetic sad. You grow from challenge, adversity and the void. If the "asshole" wasn't in the room, you'd never know when you have toilet paper stuck to your ass hanging to the floor behind you. Be thankful and laugh about it. I'm not saying tattoo a post it note to your thigh so you see it every time you take a shit to remind you of the horror felt when you had that instance pointed out to you. I'm saying you're human and your only fault is that fragile image. Toughen it up, and thank the "asshole" that reminded you that everyone comes with a light switch and bulbs do burn out faster if you try to leave the light on all the time- AND give people a fucking headache.
So, my reference to Game of Thrones. While reading I had a very laughable, memorable moment of clarity. In some of these groups, GoT IS the storyline in alot of these groups. We have the pompous blonde Lannister crowd, complete with bratty throne sitters and blatant self indulgence. Theres the pirating Iron Islands, Over confident Tyrell's and even the Freefolk who don't say much. Like in GoT, if you are a wise and honorable Stark, the mere fact that you show up creates chaos amongst the ones needing to maintain position. I love it, in a impish Tyrion kind of way but it's tempered by the knowledge and northern-born ability to see directly through the bullshit for what it really is. I threw on the GoT theme song for the rest of the session and hurt my ribs at the whole spectacle. I won't be able to look at, read or even think about some of these people without that song playing back in my head now. It made the rest of the day so far quite enjoyable. Steampunk, is just like the rest of them and for me today, finally, I can put my finger on what I already knew, was laughing about but didn't make the connection. 
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