Gaming Hall Introduction

1471859442 0Well Hell. All this scurrying about and I find myself wanting, no, needing to add a pursuit of the guilty pleasure type to my already dwindling time alotted daily.
 I actively involved myself with table top gaming going back to the 80's. Eventually as time passed, I found a joy in working with miniatures. I spent years developing skills and somewhere between having my first child and a career it got shoveled into a few chests. The pursuit of the fantasy kept creeping back in one form or another, be it re-enactment or even my business aims in the casting realm over time. Electronic gaming in the 90's and beyond.
Since I have refined the other side of my studio, that old desire has pecked at my shoulder from time to time and recently I found that I happen to have everything here to pretty much design, build and satiate that beast again. It's pure enjoyment.
Well, mostly. See, Ive already started collecting stuff. The big difference now with the digital art being a big part of my design processes in the studio, I can also make stuff AND modify stuff. And make more stuff. Too much stuff.
Well, this side of the site's purpose is to periodically display and hopefully inspire a few out there to think outside the box. I'm setting up a group in the Tribal Fires area, and may even add a Youtube Channel if the feel for doing so strikes me. I make stuff, I modify stuff. I KNOW stuff.
Before long, you will too.
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