Guys: Just A Word Of Advice. Be Worthy Of Her.

Time and time again I see sad women, and pathetic men.
Welcome to my ludus.
You were made for loving her. Prove it, in all things- of worth.
"Your tears! Your blood! Your pathetic lives forged into something of worth. Listen! Learn! And, perhaps, live - As Gladiators! Now Attend your master."
"A Gladiator does *not* fear death. He embraces it. Caresses it. *Fucks* it. Each time he enters the arena, he slips his cock in the mouth of the beast, and prays to thrust home be fore the jaws snap shut."
Have purpose.
"Fight with honor, and if the gods will it, die the same."
First Waxes, 2016
The Story, You And Blood Empathy.
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