Happy Valentine's Day Babe...

Remember the reasons you do what you do guys. It all comes back to you. I hope everyone out there can take the time to do little things, and big things when you can, just not on a special day, but every day. They re worth it. I planned on being back at my studio to finish the evenstar, but the weather and life in general hasnt allowed for that. Soon. Nonetheless, heres a part of a little note I sent. Sometimes just a note, a flower from a high tree, or even a "I love You" on the wind can carry a world to them in a waking moment.

"Three Hearts"

us3 hearts

Happy Valentines Day Babe.

"I wanted to be able to do so much for you by this date, and since things didnt go exactly as planned, I wanted to do something.
The pendant is what I could do, and it has so much meaning I hope you really, really understand it. It's not the most expensive, but I did look for a very long time for something to have meaning behind it. My dad gave my mom a cross that he could only afford, and this was in the 40's, and it was $5 - alot back then, but she kept it her whole life and it meant more to her than anything she owned. He cried when he told me he always wanted to get her something more then, but couldn't afford anything else.

He told me once that when I chose to give my heart to someone, it completes you, and you'll know its right because there isn't anything that seems too hard to face when you have that love. He was right. Things have been hard on us at times and we both have stumbled, but so far in the long run we have been there to catch each other. Thats whats important. You have told me you believe in us, and I'm here for that and always will be. When I go to sleep I cant help missing you so much. Its hard on me and I wish i was there for you. The best I can do is just be here, and I am, as much as I can.

I've said so much and you know my heart. I miss you so much, inside. I had a dream for today, and I'm afraid to ask for it out loud, and even in my own silence. I'm trying.

I'm only what I am and always have been. I can't do anymore than what I can, and only be what I am. I only wish thats enough."

Love You Always, Mahal

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