Just A Little Hint...

Well, new equipment has been tuned and working just fine. Heres a "little" view into some of the things going on. Below, is a partial finish, I still have the wood texture and aging to add, but it's there. Packaging for Historic Origins offerings is going to be, I'm hoping, collectible as much as the artifacts I make. I'm pulling all stops and doing things the way I want- over the top. And of course theres Lego mods I'm doing (Yes, can you say Greek, Roman, and Egyptian Legos?), Dremel mount(s) for a friend's pantograph project, and even some guilty pleasure stuff for myself in between. I wish I could show you the jewelry prototypes but those aren't public until I have them finished. I'm picky as hell about first impressions, and that will of course always be the star attraction to my little sideshow.
Below is a box skeleton. Panels and Textures added to this. I coded a designer so I can just enter my needed box size without having to re-invent the wheel every time.
Section of a desk light, 5' wide and bridge-like. custom LED's for ambience with remote. Wait till you see this. :)
Dremel Mount for a friend's pantograph.
Yes, Greek Legos.
Random custom Lego shapes. I have a coded designer now, so I can make just about any shape on the fly.
First (outdated, second is closer to final) parts box. Yeah, I get bored.
mk2 nozzlebox 01
Coming Soon: "Njordwood Alchemy™"
A Life in My Dreams...
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