Marketplace Addition To Historic Origins

A free service/feature (Like Etsy/Ebay/Insert Online Shop Here) for theme* related makers on the Historic Origins Studios website.
After finishing some of the backend work on our own store and already being satisfied with the community design, I figured with a little effort I could offer up something just about anyone could get benefit from without having to suffer all of the fees and red tape associated with the general online stores out there. I've handled various aspects of online merchanting pretty much since the internet became a thing- and remember how hard it was early on to just "get going".
In the many different groups, stomping grounds and shipyards I play in, I've encountered a great deal of folk who may only have an item or two, lack experience, or just want to give it a try and for whatever reason get turned away, turned off or never get started because of (or lack of) the available options for them and wanted to just help out by giving them a little push.
Some clarification: I have been producing various things for many years, generally in the historic/medieval/steampunk genres using various mediums. Folk are already coming to my site for these genres, and the Marketplace will also reflect that range. It is NOT a place for you to import product made elsewhere and resell it here. It is not a Steampunk or Viking Walmart. I reserve the right to deny or discontinue its use for vendors at any time without question- especially if I feel the overall integrity or "feel" of the site can/will suffer for it. I respectfully point anyone to sites like Etsy or Ebay if they cannot understand the need and logic behind me saying this.
I'm hoping for the work I put into it, it grows and benefits some of the folk out there. It could very well just become a ornamental bush that people just walk past, that's fine too. if you are interested, first thing to do is hop into our community, register and dive in. Presently (01/12/2015) I'm setting up guidelines, groups and forums for discussion, improvement, and help.
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