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Our Studios are located in Wrightsville, along the western banks of the Susquehanna River in the Susquehanna Valley Region of Pennsylvania and is well known for the burning of the bridge during the Civil War in 1863.
Just across the river is Columbia, being home to the Turkey Hill Experience, National Watch & Clock Collectors Museum, Wright's Ferry Mansion and the many Victorian era buildings in the Historic District. It's a visitor's paradise to antique and art seekers with the many antique shops and art studios in historic former business buildings and homes. Hop skip and a jump we are near Philadelphia, Baltimore, Gettysburg, etc.
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Being a "Detroit Boy" but always the historian, moving to this region after a number of years in Hawaii just made sense. You can't go outside without being lured into the time machine, which is where I thrive.
The foundry, leather workshop and design studio are all within "bring me a coffee" distance. Finally an upgrade long coming. I'll add some shots before too long.
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