Robin Williams: Make Your Life Spectacular.

Seeing this earlier today, warranted me having to just say something about it. He's right in so many ways. I associate with Robin very easily, and over the years many of his observations, trials, and life scenarios identify with me because I've walked similar paths. Some of the best wisdom is taken from personal experiences and an afterthought for most people.
It's easy to be "public", we see it all the time and there are folk out there who need to be in some sort of spotlight or the apparent "Ringmaster" of some contrived circus. It's the crowd that you will live or die by as they say on the stage. Maybe it's something that was missing in childhood, a traumatic social experience, or just an inner loneliness. Who knows.
I have a bit of advice that has worked well for me.
See, I've lived a pretty charmed and exciting life at times, others, meh. All through it however I have never (that I can remember) really cared what other people thought much. The few times I can say I started to I found myself in short notice feeling like I was performing- a trick for a treat (social applause) or worse.
If you find that you are having to sell yourself to people, the problem is with you. YOU. Yes, you fuckcake. (laughs) Give of yourself freely and never "charge" and you wont have to worry where your next show will be, or if they will even come the next time; you can then concentrate (as if you should have to) on not concentrating at all. Robin understood this and he has done a great job over the years of demonstrating it by just living. Those depressive times we all see in ourselves at one time or another is usually at it's core our own disbelief in what we really really are. The harder hit people tend to be in constant struggle with what they aren't. Everyone has limitations, and theres nothing wrong with that. It's failure to accept them that gets some folk into trouble and it's somewhere between pitiful and more pitiful because they do it to themselves through that reliance on "what the crowd thinks".
Let go of that shit. Theres always going to be that someone in the crowd that can see right through the act. So, why act at all?
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