"Shut Up"

"Shut Up"

person saying shhh

Shut up about "your land". It's not. It hasn't been for hundreds of years. Throughout history, land has been regularly and systematically taken by stronger groups in power. If you want it back, the only way you will get it is by the same means you are complaining about right now. Otherwise, if you aren't prepared to do the same thing, shut up.

Shut up about slavery. You haven't been in chains or forced to work for no pay under threat of beating or death, and its been over a hundred years since that system was abolished. Free men and women rise above hardship and no story or situation is the same for everyone. Point is, put your hand on a plow instead of leaving it open for your former oppressors to find it in their hearts to give you something back you didn't earn- your dead ancestors earned it and you are their reparation by being alive today and free to do as you choose. Truth is, we are all slaves to the system now in one way or another. Look to each other instead- trying to re-create a system that takes something away from someone who wasn't involved is exactly the same thing your ancestors dealt with.

Shut up about your sexual preference or desired self image. Your self image is built and maintained by you and you alone. If social acceptance is a requirement for you to thrive, you simply wont. Everyone will not like or agree with you. Punishing them through legislation or scrutiny is the same thing as older laws and social convention is exactly the same treatment you complain about now. What goes on in your bedroom SHOULD stay there. Anything else is revenge for something you simply wont be able to change in everyone. Welcome to reality.

Shut up about racial or spiritual oppression. There isn't a race or religion on this planet that hasn't been targeted throughout history. The larger groups in any geographic area will have the accepted beliefs. If you dont like it, find the group that accepts you and thrive there- there is strength in numbers and only an eventual persecution later down the road when those disagreeing with you (and holding power) finally have enough of you. Life is too short.

Shut up about government having too much control of your lives. You have more control than you realize. Don't play the game and dont contribute to it. Government only works and maintains a stranglehold on you when the masses comply with its system. Work outside of it, and dont be part of the masses.

Shut up about other people who have opinions you dont agree with- whether its about social subjects, laws, and even relationships. Embrace opinions you agree with and let others do the same. Seeking "Social Justice" is just another contrived way of exacting vengeance through jealousy, greed or displeasure.

Just shut up.


Each Night, A Star Reminds Me.
Well Said Brother. Well said.


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Saturday, 30 September 2023


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