Spincasting Resources

Check back often, I'll be updating this as time permits and am always open to consult questions in our casting group.
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Equipment Suppliers:
And of course, E-Bay and Craigslist. Don't discount buying used, it's a easy way to start. I pulled up 4k casting machines for a few hundred dollars with periodic searches over the last couple years. Sometimes people just get out of it, upgrade or for whatever reason are just trying to move equipment.
Alloy Suppliers:
Note, most of the equipment suppliers also provide alloys. I have a few I prefer, but for your own learning it's good to contact as many as possible to add to your contact list.
Mayer Alloys - My favorite and used for many years. Personal preference, I use Aquaclean because it is lead free, harder, easy to cast and contains silver.
Aquaclean is a alloy produced by Fry's Metals. If you know the ropes and get to know suppliers, you can get great deals on this alloy.
Prototyping Services:
I used to use a local guy when I was in Michigan, but like all good things old guys get older. Later I had a couple companies I did business with. I'll outline the things you need to do with your artwork to insure good plates to use for prototyping. You can use brass, copper, but unessecary. Magnesium is the plate choice for cost and ease of cutout.
mag die 300x300 
Owasso Graphic Arts - My current favorite.
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