Talon's Day

Happy Birthday to my little man Talon. Youre getting so big.
talon 2017
"Your (middle) proper name, Hunter, means you are in good company; Ullr, Skadi. Your mother, unbeknownst to memory carries Diana, bound to the sea and father guardian, Fenir."
"There is always a path taken without forethought as the hunter relies on his instincts and blood-memory to see his arrow home. Rely on these my son and no forest, earth, or water can tire you, no burden too heavy to bear. You will find Ullestad when heart call. This I promise you."
"Cast an arrow across the chasm and find your broken dog of an old man still chained to his rock. Listen to the howls of his rage at the bond of Gleipnir and the sorrows felt because of fate given task. He sees your mother in the night sky and laments it holding her as distant star, hoping for Ragnarok and the circle reborn, the great tree to spread root through ashen earth so the sagas may be written again."
Listen on the wind, Daddy misses you and loves you.
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