The Story, You, and Blood Empathy.

Blood Empathy. A term I used many years ago when describing the connection to those who came before us when re-telling or even thinking to oneself their stories. It can be a passion, sadness or distaste that wells up from within; Sometimes subtle and other times it can overwhelm oneself. It's not the same as having a kind heart and being moved by a tale of kindness, or shedding a tear born of seen or spoken sadness, nor the wave of your heart at the rhythmic motions created by music that seems to be keyed in to your spirit. This is why oral tradition and blood stories are important. Your ancestors will speak to you if you listen.
Think for a moment, if perhaps one could perceive the range of emotions someone felt during the course of their lives, and truly feel, or be there as if you were experiencing what they did, what would you take away from it? We are no different than other creatures in nature and learn from experience.
"Usus magister est sapiens" or, "Experience is the wise teacher" for you non-Latin speaking folk. In all living things, we see habits and process carried through bloodlines- the migrations of birds, the plant best suited for food, and even the right place to sleep. The peculiar circle a dog makes when they lay down. These things are passed by blood and are a way to perceive that empathy I speak of, and it's always been available to us. We just don't notice it and more often than not disregard it all together. That "gut" feeling at times.
People tend to hear only what they want to hear, and see only what they hope to see. Deep down though, a small voice speaks to you and the human animal has taught itself to stop listening. This is not the same thing as fear, contempt or loathing.
Sayings like "Déjà vu" or "So and so is going to roll over in their grave" came from somewhere long ago and is your blood speaking to you. Failure to act in the face of aggression or adversity usually awakens *something* in you, but over the ages people unlearned the ability to precieve and draw upon these experiences and gifts paid for in lifetimes by your ancestors.
Awaken yourselves.
Loving The Creative. A Pocket Edition.
Guys: Just a Word Of Advice. Be Worthy of Her.


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Saturday, 18 May 2024


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