Well Said Brother. Well said.

I was inspired and made warm from words written by another brother, Richard, who took some time to express his thoughts on a subject no too uncommon today.
Alot of the chaos present in society in general these days can be attributed to the degradation of human behavior involving relationships. It's always greener on the other side of the fence. Not.
Richard writes:
"I find it's a shame, the way relationships are today. I watch through this social media window and I realize how shallow we've become as a society(all genders.. all 849 of them). Love of self and peer worship have become the two motivating factors and priority for human to human contact. Relationships rely completely on how it will be received or beheld on a peer to peer basis, "how will this make me look?" Will this make people envious of me so I can really feel like I have something special(I know, cruel when worded that way, right?)"
Sacrifice and hard work isn't any longer a requirement for a relationship, the fire of a relationship is now measured at how many likes are collected. We have devalued each other so badly that no body even knows how lucky they are just to even have someone. The moment something gets tough, self preservation takes over and they throw each other away like trash. On to the next, they change relationships like underwear because Mommy and Daddy must've told them that they're perfect and nothing ever goes wrong in life or gets hard, and if it does, it must be someone else's fault so curb them and find someone that isn't defective, princess. He's out there ya know, someone who is 6'3" zero percent body fat has neck tattoos a chiseled body eats ass(cause ya know y'all kids these days love that e coli pie) six figure income loves getting high popping pills and partying drives a BMW AND been to prison but reformed for special lil you, no compromises either, anyone under 6' need not apply. But we aren't shallow or superficial though. God forbid you had to work on special you and make some changes to make something work."
"I guess nobody ever told these fools that falling in love doesn't mean you stop being human, we make mistakes, we still find other people attractive, we have bad habits and sometimes fuck up real bad. Falling in love means, we each make sacrifices and don't give up on each other. Even young parents, sure they are proud to be parents when they can take a selfie with little Johnnie while poking their ass out and making kiss kiss lips with 16lbs of oops I did a fuckin 8 ball of meth worth of make up and have 16 yards of dirty laundry piled up behind me crawling it's way outta the bathroom, "never mind all that but ooo dayum I do look cute tho I'ma post might delete later y'all" .. Partnership and Parenthood has been reduced to a tool used for affirmation of extreme self adoration. Spoiled, soulless and empty are the words that come to mind when I take a look around at the puddle of piss and shit that is now the 2019 dating pool. Beautiful people with desirous features at a moment's glance, but inside just empty and heartless and generally not worth a fuck."
So, in conclusion (or sorts) this left me with hope that there are still others out there that actually see truth.
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