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Bronze. White Metals. Wood. Leather. Add a long list of other things like web design, coding, digital graphic arts, meh. I learned because I had to, and have found some enjoyment in it over the years.
Yeah, I've been around the block a number of times. So many, the neighbors have coffee waiting for me at every driveway. Historic Origins. It's been a reflection of my ever changing tastes and desires, but ever since I started in business in the early 90's I've wanted to somehow create the perfect easel. I'm almost there, and you're going to get to see it.
"White Metal", is where I started all this, casting anyways. Back in the late 80's I began researching and working on ways to start creating my own figurines and re-enactment accessories. Eventually I started a venture with a partner that left me with knowledge, and an empty pocket. By the early 90's I put together my own shop and introduced things like jewelry, leather accessories, and small figurines to the public. The madness that is now is a result of that first vote of self confidence I gave myself, and haven't looked back since.
Pendants, Crosses, Screwback Studs for Leather/Metal, Beads and other things to name a few. Our white metal alloy is a lead free, high tensile strength metal that contains silver. It's a refined formula that's been a staple of ours for over 20 years now. You end up with the silver look, the silver feel, but not the silver cost.
Bronzes, for me invoke a connection to the past. A lifetime of study in the arts found me frequently returning to those pages in books and museums where the "good stuff" was: Viking, Celtic, Anglo Saxon and even Native American metalwork. I'm tribally Germanic to begin with, so I'm just settling for the belief that ancestrally I'm being beckoned backward to revisit those paths. It's also been the primary focus of my efforts for the last few years. Finally coming to pass this year in 2014 is my "allforge" - Not one, but 3 furnaces dedicated to Norse Gods and fueled by visions of a small boy knowing that in order to move forward, you must explore, before.
I can't say much at the moment, but look back here soon and my reasons for secrecy to the very last will become quite clear. 2014 and 2015 are going to be magical years and future explorers will marvel at what they find. Jewelry, Leather Accessories, and other world altering offerings are soon to be for the asking.
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