Why I Do What I Do...

Future historians will surely grow bored after recounting the last 50 years I'm sure. It will be pock marked with the regression our species decided to embark upon. Seek to change that.

di why I do

Teach your children of past artists, thinkers, and dreamers and inspire them through your own passions. Learn Latin today. Peruse Egyptian, Celtic, and Native American art, and lose your breath at the wonder and accomplishments of Greek, Roman and Italian architecture. Find solace in contemplating other views by immersing yourself in Bedouin Folk music, Middle Eastern percussion, Jazz, Mongolian Throat Singing, Irish Flute and Joe Satriani.

Remember that your future library can either be enjoyed by candlelight on a winter's eve, and your collections provoke closed eyes and spatial travel to far away times and places in the minds of little ones not yet able to see past the current state of our being, or, lost to antiquity because outdated electronic media cannot run without long since depleted fossil fueled method of operation. You cannot touch a chip that has long since degraded and listen to its stories, nor will they find pleasure in holding a blackened mass of 100 times recycled plastic sea trash that has no resemblance or likeness to its former one time use.

Morning Coffee, and a reminder to myself why I do what I do. Many people seek the material; my desires are simple and transcend time.

She knows that.


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