Wolves: "The smell of your lies and treachery will forever bring them to you."


"The smell of your lies and treachery will forever bring them to you."

Until you have seen the Gods and been in their halls, everyone with a belief can be considered chaotic, unknowing and unstable. For some people it is a lifelong conflict, and others have found personal resolution by not acknowledging that conflict at all. We rely on stories we are told and things we cannot see to absolve fears and answer questions being asked, time immortal. Every civilization and culture shapes their own ways to answer those questions.

…And with each and every one of them there have always been the same battles and challenges, no matter the marked calendar or measure of time.

Good vs Evil, Truth vs Lies, Love vs Hate.

Our stories, sagas, and writings manifest to give hope and teach in ways so we can understand.

Modern society has proven time and time again that instead of embracing those core universal laws and virtues, we've imposed a sanction on the very fabric of those garments we are supposed to swaddle our children with and weave into our lives as a way to persevere. Weaker men have allowed this, and it's been made easy by turning a blind eye to its predation by washing themselves in selfish materialism and short-term climatic gain. You can see it everyday in the news, social media, advertisement, and it's even being taught in our schools.

Every culture has its own version of Armageddon- Ragnarok, Second Coming, The Hour, Shambhala; it's an exhaustive list the more you study and listen to those charged with passing those teachings on. Once you step back and look at them all, regardless of your belief If you simply embrace every person's differences with love and understanding you'll come to realize that there are good and bad people.

Compassion is a beautiful garment, but it offers little protection for those solely clothing themselves in it alone. Love, Truth and Honor are meant to be the armor that protects all else, above all else. These stories of end times serve as a warning of our imminent failure to be vigilant against those that would destroy those laws, balances and values. The heroes and godhead figures we see, write about and remember through these stories are there to remind us that selfless love and dedication can win and protect those around them. The retelling of the stands they took are meant to inspire us in a way I will explain momentarily. We often attribute the appearance of people like this to some form of divine intervention. I just want to tell you that it may be so, but it also may be so that is inherent in all of us.

All of us.

Just as we can choose to embrace good or evil, we can choose to sit in the middle and not choose at all. That is perhaps where I see the most conflict in people. Society has become reliant on someone else solving the problem, someone else taking care of you, someone else being strong enough to stand up and be there. I will simply say to you that everyone can be strong enough. When you allow someone outside of yourself to make those decisions for you, you open yourself up for being subject to the latter as well. Evil has manifested itself to become an accepted alternative instead of something to be warring against, something to be destroyed.

Step back for a moment in yourself, and look at Love, Truth and Honor. Love is Truth, and Honor protects those. So many questions and so many decisions can be answered simply relying on those three. You find a calm resolution and the strength to uphold them wells up inside you. Evil is a life draining, pain inducing stigma that does not deserve a single moment of triumph. It shields itself behind materialism and selfish gain no matter the cost to others. It can only be met with what it produces. It deserves no quarter. 

I have been in the hall. I hold neither station or named seat, perhaps even considered lesser than some of the souls who have done greater things. I desire neither. My only acknowledgment to Heimdal is my belief and dedication to my family. Even my name hardly raises an eyebrow, but just being in the hall is enough. What I have been given though, and without knowing from a young age was the prose name, Fen. It took me a lifetime to understand because even in my home history and storytelling, Fenrir was not exactly a gentle character, yet a tragic one. You may have other belief systems that can easily disregard these things, but they aren't for you to measure if you do not. I have seen miracles and luck that goes beyond comprehension, and never have I dissuaded or sought to impoverish the meanings they had to the people witnessing or being subjected to them.

“Although Fenrir is understood as an antagonist of the gods and one of the “villains” of the story of Ragnarok, the original story makes clear that Odin’s and the other gods  treatment of the great wolf contributed to his siding with the forces of chaos against them.”

Fenrir walked among them, lived with them, and expected nothing more than the life he was given, had a family, loved, and kept himself as it's protector. Anyone familiar with wolves and their family nature will understand the truth and metaphorical meaning behind what I am explaining. If I refer to my emphatic nature, it won't mean anything to you. I even wrote a addition to the sagas at one time to explain the tragedy of these possibilities, and to to scholars only referring to the written word, couldn't possibly be true. 

"Adding To The Sagas"

We hold the wolves values and studied behavior regarding family in high regard, but they are lost in the telling of this story to maintain perhaps the other gods, thier triumphs and yes, shortcomings. Approach his story with open eyes and you can see his torment. Fenrir’s strength grew so large because of his love, and the strength of his devotion to his family. The gods feared this, because with all of its purity there would be a point even their shortcomings would come to question. If you think a god can't be jealous, you need to read more. Perhaps in coming to these realizations I was seeking to exonerate him, and maybe even myself. I do not know. I do know however, I cannot leave what I know to be true in question. I'll grab a selection from one of the tellings of the story out there. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it's worth your time or to contemplate the things I have said.

"Fenrir Wolf"

God, Odin, Vishnu, The Great Spirit, and many others, all have their means of presenting themselves to people seeking them. The questions we have are too big to discredit each individual from seeking their own answers. I say this: any divine entity that holds in contempt a soul for making mistakes in name, pantheon or information only has itself to blame, by nature of that contempt. We are visceral, physical creatures and all of our senses are inherent to give us information and lend a hand in ensuring our own survival.

Life, death, and the hereafter are all things we will experience with certainty. It is only the last two that are obscure from those senses, and because of that, uncertainty and fear are almost all that's left.

That has been my challenge no matter the god-table I have sat at. Am I to be in contempt for seeking those answers, not just for myself but for others? In this I am not afraid. What used to be a selfish pursuit in my youth became a desire for my children. I do not want to give them answers. I want to give them the ability to seek and find those answers for themselves. And 

Truth must be the foundation of all of it.

Of all of us. 

"Mother's Day" 2023
Darker Realizations 04/22


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