You don't need to understand how. Just why.

Women cant possibly understand the rage created between men. It's what we are bred for.
And men, it's best not to push a passionate and focused man to the point he needs to respond. It never ends well. 

So. You can cut another man's dick off if he pisses you off, and only get 5 years or less if you make sure he lives after. Under 3 with good behavior.

I like it. Waking up to be reminded that one poor decision can cast you into a pit of manless hell from which you will never return, and the burning sensation when taking every piss from then on brings forth memory of my words.

I wonder if that time scale works if you make him eat it too. That would leave some time to read some books from the "need to do list" and maybe refine some painting skills or learn real estate. Good to know, and probably a bit more satisfying over the long term rather than the boring "No body, No crime." recital.

Well Said Brother. Well said.
I Would Like To Think...
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